Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dueling Channels

The past two nights, we've been a family divided. The Cardinals in the playoffs clashed with Dancing With The Stars.

Rob has been upstairs, devoted to our favorite baseball team, his cheers and jeers filtering down to us through the ductwork.

The girls and I have been downstairs at the bigger TV, being entertained by ballroom dancing and whatever Jerry Springer and his dance partner have to offer. The family room downstairs allows more viewing room, and space for E3 to do her own style of dancing (complete with sequined tutu). We flip to the Cards game at commercials.

Not remembering that tonight was a Dancing results night, Rob was getting set to iron his shirts while watching TV downstairs before noticing what we had on and asking, "This is on again?" Alas, no more shirts were ironed as he headed up the steps.

What a let-down that they didn't eliminate someone tonight. A let down for Jerry Springer more than anyone - the dude just wants to be DONE already. After many of the girls favorites have fallen by the wayside, the three of us are united in cheering on Emmitt Smith for the rest of the show.

In between that, we'll be root, root, rooting for the Cardinals - if they don't win it's a shame.

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Robo said...

You can hear all of that?!? Better child-proof my vocabulary...