Monday, September 11, 2006

Six years ago...continued

We had discussed just heading up to the 4th floor - the DR’s office had assured me that I was pre-registered, but an early evening call to the hospital revealed that while they had my records in L&D, I was NOT pre-registered. However, once there we feared they may send us back down to register. So, we parked in the garage and walked up to registration. Rob could have dropped me off, but I didn't want to be alone. They tried to wheel me away and let Rob register, but I told them I wanted to stay with him. I was leaning against the registration desk with my head folded on my arms, swaying my hips. I think they were a bit concerned. That's the fastest I've ever made it through the registration process at the hospital!

Off we went to 4. The phone lines were out, so they couldn't warn them that we were on our way. Once we got there the nurses looked a one another and I heard one say, "This looks like the real thing!" Into a room I go. The nurse started to go into what I should do, but I cut her off, "Urine specimen, undress, and gown?" Yes - but I should use one of those wipe things so I get a clean specimen. Okay. Unfortunately, a contraction hit as I sat on the toilet, and I urinated at the same time. No chance for a specimen! Once into bed they hooked up the monitors - all looked okay. She took some additional info, then asked if she could check me. I agreed, so between ctx she laid me back and checked.

"Way to go sweetie! You're at 10!"

I couldn't believe it! I was so relieved that I'd made it so far!! She said she was going to call the dr. She came back a short time later and said the Dr said to call back when I felt the urge to push.

HUH? I was at 10 - how much more could there be?

Well, with my ample amniotic fluid, my bag of waters was bulging, but not broken. Laboring would continue at it's pace, and I soon started groaning/growling through ctx while 'hugging' Rob (essentially, I had him in a headlock for every ctx). An hour or so later, Barb arrived and began pressing pressure points on my feet.

I'm not sure of the time lapses from this point on. At one point I remember commenting to Barb that I never expected that I'd still be in labor and that was around 9am.

Eventually, I said I kind of felt like I was having pressure to push. I was getting up periodically to use the restroom, but could barely make it across the room without having to drop to my knees to get through a ctx. Then, sitting on the toilet would immediately bring on another. These 'moving' ctx were MUCH stronger and came on almost without a warning build-up. So, I tried to stay put sitting on the bed as much as possible.

Barb kept suggesting position changes, and I kept declining. The best I felt I could manage was the bathroom trips.

The Dr arrived and checked me again. She said I was definitely at 10, but there was still a bit of a lip around one side of my cervix. On we continued to labor.

Through all of this, they kept coming in every 30-min to monitor the baby, and take my BP. EVERY time they set the BP to go I would have a ctx. Don't think they ever got a true reading! One nurse in particular would insist on trying to find the heartbeat while I was trying to lean forward - I was SO glad when the shift changed! The new nurses were wonderful - chiming in with "you're doing great" every now and then.

When Barb had arrived, one of the first things I asked her about was breaking my water - should I have them do it if they asked. So, when the Dr came in and suggested it, I agreed.

Once again, in hindsight I can say I should have left my 'safe' position of holding Rob in a headlock while having a ctx and tried other positions. My bag of water probably would have broken on it's own, and baby's head may have been lower.

The Dr broke my water and it actually felt good. Seemed like about 5 gallons of water gushed to the floor and I felt such a relief of pressure on my hips and back! I continued to use the restroom periodically, but otherwise stayed put; perched on the end of the bed, with my feet on the lowered portion of the foot of the bed. I was alternately HOOTTTTTT and having chills, so there were blankets draped around me every which way and I kept thinking - in my head, because I was too busy dealing with contractions to form a sentence - "This is probably a very Jesus-like look." Not long after, the Dr checked me.

"You're at 6cm. Your bag of water was dilating your cervix, and now that it's gone your cervix has shrunk back a bit. It shouldn't take long to stretch again - it's been there before." I was a bit disappointed, but it made sense. On we labored.

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