Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Day Well Spent

Our Team
We rocked the ALS walk today! The biggest team, and the largest fund-raisers. We also had the cutest kids. A dude with ALS in a scooter chair set the pace for us walkers and he damned near kicked my ass. His son and son's football pals were walking ahead of us though, so I sucked it up so I didn't look too old.

E1 shows off her backward skills.

E1 walked the entire time, peeling off each lap to run and grab as many water bottles as she could carry and hand them out to whoever needed them. She also spent a good portion of the time jogging backwards. Ahhh, youth.

E3 & E2 Swinging, post-walk

The park had a few playgrounds, so we stayed after the walk and played for a while. We stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut before we began the drive home. Our waiter approached us to take us to a table and saluted.

It's all about the shirts, man.

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