Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Behold Our Craftiness

We borrowed this idea from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. The hooks will be used for backpacks, diaper bag, and jackets during the school year, and for bags of swim stuff in the summer. I plan to put a bench below, or some sort of baskets, for shoe & misc. storage.

The hangers are there temporarily there because the pegboard displaced them. A hanging bar will be located in another part of the laundry room.

The cute little wire basket there has no use just yet. It just looked so neat, how could it not come in handy?

Please ignore the wallpaper, it came with the house and we haven't reached that part of our 'To Do' list.


Julia said...

Very nice!

Lisa said...

SO cute! LOving that Hello Kitty bag too!

Mom Nancy said...

The Hello Kitty bag is the perfect size for wipes, a couple of diapers, a small book, and the Epi-Pen. And Eden carries it like a purse! No more bulky diaper bag!