Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tour Guide Barbie goes rural.

We took my nephew F with us to Mom and Dad's today for lunch. About a third of the way there, the toddler chatter in the row behind me changed...

E3, elated: It's a pwaygwound!

F, unimpressed: No. It's a wailwoad cwossing.

E3, still excited: No. It's a PWAYGWOUND!

F, patient, yet stern: No, E3. It's a wailwoad cwossing.

E3, sure of what she'd seen: It's not a wailwoad cwossing.

And on it went...

For the record, we'd passed a playground just before we crossed the railroad crossing. I briefly flashed forward in time, imagining these two cousins college-aged and having lively discussions and debates over coffee or a shared bottle of wine. Each enjoying the interesting mind of the other.

Snapping back to reality and the concern that they might just keep this up until we arrived at our destination, I resorted to the universal parenting trick of, "LOOK! Something SHINY!"

Only for those two it was, "WOW! Look at that big truck! And look! A camper! And cows! And hay bales! Look at all the hay bales!"

"Look kids! Big Ben, Parliament!"

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