Thursday, July 13, 2006

Talking with BIC

I was on the phone with BIC last night, and she and I were taking turns lamenting the fact that we need new bathing suits.

I commented that I've had mine at least since before E3 was born, so that's around three years, maybe four years (and it shows!).

She started pondering how long she's had hers...since she moved to TX?...since our family trip to HI?...

What does it look like? I asked.

Red on top, blue on the bottom (or vice versa, I don't remember).

Oh...I think you've had that since Kansas City.


Yeah, I said, bathing suits are like kids...they age faster than you realize.


Julia said...


Glenda said...

LOL, that's funny.

My swimsuits only change based on how my weight changes ;-) Sometimes that means new swimsuits each summer (and not necessarily in a good way LOL). I have quite a size range of swimsuits stored away!