Monday, July 10, 2006

E1 is a Grandma!

Earlier this year, Rob and the girls used some recycled wood to build bird houses. E2 built a home for Eastern Bluebirds, and E1 built a home for Carolina Wrens (birds chosen for their diet of insects, including mosquitoes!). Not long after, we noticed some bluebirds near the houses. Closer inspection showed that there were many sticks in E2's house...But there was a NEST in E1's house! A few weeks later I saw the bluebirds chasing off other birds that would land on E2's house, and when I relayed this to my Father-in-law, he mentioned that bluebirds could be territorial. So, we moved the Bluebird house with no nesting bluebirds to give the bluebirds in the Carolina Wren house some space. I can't help but wonder if the bluebirds were sneaky enough to stuff this house with sticks to keep other birds from nesting.

SO! Last week, a peek into the bluebird's wren house revealed FOUR eggs! AND! This week, there are four baby birds!

Maybe I'll slap some pictures up later.


Lisa said...

Yeay. How cool is that!

Glenda said...

Oh, that's too cool!!! It'll be fun watching the babies as they learn to fly.