Tuesday, June 20, 2006

White, and getting whiter

We just got back from the pool. As I approached the girls' bedroom to remind them to put their wet clothes in the laundry room I heard,

"How white is it?"

As I entered, there was E2, backside to the mirror, peering over her shoulder to check out her tan lines. I just shook my head in amusement and left to unload the wet stuff I was carrying. As I headed back down the hall though, I heard,

"It will just keep getting whiter and whiter until it explodes!"

I poked my head in the door and said, "Honey, your butt isn't getting whiter. The rest of you is getting darker from being in the sun. Your butt is the same color it always is." She looked surprised.

Where on Earth did that child get the idea that her butt could explode from whiteness?

E3 crashed in the van on the way home. Child is a FISH. Not 'oh, she swims like a fish'. IS. A. FISH. She's crazy, kicking her legs and splashing her arms, and has no fear.

F-man and Grandma came with us. F is more conservative, when compared to E3, but is probably typical for a normal 2yo. He had an unfortunate tussle with his snack bowl as Grandma was changing him into dry pants just before we left and it left him covered in cereal crumbs and raisins. The vultures that are E1, E2, and friend O were swarming the cereal but not bothering to help pick up the raisin spillage. Not to mention, it was causing F to be more anxious about getting his snack. Punks. It took all I had not to throw a couple elbows in there as I got them all to back away.

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Glenda said...

That's too funny about a butt getting so white it'll explode!!! Kids get amazingly tan . . . I can't believe the rest of Andrew's body was ever as white as his butt currently is ;-)